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Help us create Moja Prva Znakovnica, the first Croatian Sign Language video dictionary, for hearing parents of deaf children, as well as for anybody else who wants to learn Croatian Sign Language (HZJ).

The project aims to raise funds to create a dictionary with over 500 fundamental words, phrases, and sentences that enable deaf and hearing individuals to communicate with one another.

The dictionary will be developed by Croatian Sign Language (HZJ) native speakers who were raised by deaf people. They now seek to transform their expertise into Moja Prva Znakovnica, a perpetually accessible and cost-free educational resource.

This dictionary facilitates the early communication of deaf children, giving them a way to communicate their needs, wants, and emotions, which is essential for their emotional and mental growth. At the same time, creating a family setting where everyone feels equally loved and understood. All professionals that work with deaf children, including speech therapists, rehabilitators, psychologists, doctors, nurses, and technicians, as well as the deaf community and interpreters/translators, can greatly benefit from these materials.

Join us in this great endeavor by lending your support. Every contribution matters!

Moja Prva Znakovnica - primul dicționar de limbă croată a semnelor

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Why did we launch the “Moja Prva Znakovnica” campaign?

90 – 95% of deaf children are born into hearing families.

The fact is that in families where there is one deaf member, they are marginalized. No matter how much the whole family loves them, they remain excluded from communication. Lip reading is a skill that is learned and developed, and that only comes when you learn the Croatian language – we can’t lip-read a language we don’t know.

The fact is that exposing deaf children to sign language is to their benefit – the child is given a tool for expression, the parents a tool for understanding and communication, and an environment in which the child feels accepted and understood is created from the first day.

With this project, we spread awareness about the Deaf community and sign language, we promote a view of the world that is different, but equally valuable.

In addition, the few HZJ courses that exist are held only in the largest Croatian cities, which means that they are not equally accessible to everyone.

Also, sign language learning materials are still not standardized or sufficiently developed and as such are not in line with the needs of a community of over 14,000 people.

Who is the team behind Moja Prva Znakovnica?

The team members are Dorijana, Nives, and Maja – professional translators and educators. Although hearing, they grew up in deaf families and began to sign before they spoke. Aware of the potential and value of both worlds, they understand the problem of the lack of material and available information on this social topic.

They are part of Croatian Association of Sign Language Interpreters, that cover some major linguistic topics such as w preservation of HZJ, the creation of educational materials, the implementation of education, and the development of the profession of sign language interpreters.

The dictionary will be created in collaboration with linguists that are experts in language acquisition, choosing material according to the age of acquisition. Besides words, the most frequently used phrases, terms, and sentences for everyday communication will be included.

How will Moja Prva Znakovnica look like?

Moja Prva Znakovnica will be available on the website that we will create with the funds from the campaign. It will contain a list of terms, phrases, and sentences that can be explored using a simple search engine. Conversely to all materials produced so far, for example on YouTube, this will be the first real Croatian sign language dictionary modeled after other already existing dictionaries of Swedish, British, or Australian sign language.

The biggest advantage of Moja Prva Znakovnica is that it is a video education where the process of signing will be visible and understandable. In addition to the visual display itself, additional clarification will be given in text form – instructions on how to perform the sign and all other information that facilitates independent learning.

Investing plan

  • High Definition camera
  • Photography and Video Lightning
  • Camera and Lightning stands
  • Backgrounds
  • Backgrounds stands
  • Video processing software
  • Web hosting
  • Website building
  • Website maintenance
  • Education
  • External collaboration

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Organizația: Croatian Association of Sign Language Interpreters
Adresa: Kneza Mislava 7, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Reprezentant: Dorijana Kavčić, interpreter & educator, Ivona Magdić, marketing & PR
PIN: 85865200645
E-mail: mojaprvaznakovnica@gmail.com
Mobil: +385 (0)91 4619 107
Site web: https://www.prevoditeljihzj.eu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MojaPrvaZnakovnica
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mojaprvaznakovnica/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/moja-prva-znakovnica/


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