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Got questions? We've got answers! Our FAQ page is the Sherlock Holmes of knowledge, solving your mysteries and leaving no question unanswered.

What is Bona Fides Invest?

"Bona Fides Invest" yra ES įsikūrusi finansų technologijų bendrovė, kuri visame pasaulyje padeda asmenims ir organizacijoms finansuoti savo projektus sutelktinio finansavimo būdu.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an innovative and democratic project financing model that involves the public presentation of a venture, usually via an online platform, and enabling citizens to invest money in it for altruistic reasons or with the aim of making a profit or gaining some other benefit. It is possible to use several investment models: donations, purchase with time distance, loans, investment in equity shares, investment in profit shares, and hybrid models. - Definition by Zoran Rajn, CEO of International Crowdfunding Center (ICFC)

Why crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding has become crucial because it enables easier financing of initiatives, whether they are in their early stages of growth or maturity. The World Bank predicts that by 2025, crowdfunding will generate annual investments of $95 billion, with some sources putting the figure as high as $300 billion.

Who can use the platform?

The Bona Fides Invest platform can be used by all individuals (natural persons, crafts, handicrafts, secondary occupations, freelancers, family farms, etc.) and legal entities (companies, cooperatives, NGOs, foundations, private institutions, financial institutions, intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), public bodies, state agencies, ministries, chambers, embassies, cities, municipalities, kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, etc.). All users of the platform must be of legal age, i.e., fully capable of doing business.

Which countries are supported?

We operate on all continents in 196 countries. Our crowdfunding platform welcomes creative minds from every corner of the globe!

What types of projects are allowed on the platform?

We welcome a wide range of projects - business projects, community initiatives, charity causes, personal fundraising, etc. The key is that the project and team must comply with our ethical guidelines and terms of use. Here you can read about our ethics: https://bonafidesinvest.eu/our-ethics/

What steps are required to start the campaign?

To start the campaign, choose a price model and email a project summary to info@bonafidesinvest.eu. After that, you will receive further instructions from our customer support.

How long does it take for a project to be reviewed and approved?

After submitting your project for review, our team will carefully assess it to ensure it meets our guidelines and terms of use. The review process typically takes a few business days, but it may vary depending on the complexity of the project. In some special circumstances, the project may be authorized the same day it is submitted.

What are the obligations of campaign creators?

Campaign creators are obliged: 1) to provide any information regarding the project and team requested by the platform; 2) to answer every question from investors; 3) show investors what rights and obligations arise for them from investing; 4) to respect the commitments and deadlines towards the investors; 5) spend money in the exact way shown in the project budget; 6) take care of compliance with laws and other regulations.

How long can fundraising take?

Each user freely chooses how long the campaign will last.

Does the platform use a fixed or flexible funding model?

Bona Fides Invest uses both models.

What is fixed model?

In the fixed model, the campaign creator sets a specific funding goal that they must reach within a predetermined timeframe. Backers' credit cards are charged only if the project reaches its funding goal by the end of the campaign. If the goal is not met, no money is collected, and backers' cards are not charged.

What is flexible model?

The flexible model, also known as the "keep-it-all" model, allows campaign creators to receive the funds they have raised regardless of whether they reach their initial funding goal. Backers' credit cards are charged immediately after making a pledge, regardless of whether the campaign reaches its funding goal or not. Even if the project falls short of the target, the creator can still access the funds and use them to proceed with their project.

What methods of payment does Bona Fides Invest accept?

Through the Bona Fides Invest platform, it is possible to make payments through five different channels: 1) Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro cards; 2) Aircash; 3) KEKS Pay; 4) Cryptocurrencies via Paycek; 5) General payment slip or internet/mobile banking.

How much does it cost to use the platform?

The platform uses four pricing models - Education Model, Best Buy Model, Challenge Model and Turnkey Model. See more information about them here: https://bonafidesinvest.eu/pricing/

Is there a discount available for using the platform?

Certain user groups are eligible for discounts. Here's additional information on discounts: https://bonafidesinvest.eu/social-responsibility/

How do I back a campaign?

To back a campaign, simply find a project that resonates with you and choose your financing model. You can then securely make your contribution through our platform using various payment methods.

Is my payment information secure?

Yes, Bona Fides Invest takes the security and privacy of your payment information seriously. We use secure payment gateways and encryption protocols to ensure the safety of your transactions.

How does Bona Fides Invest ensure the authenticity of projects and project creators?

Bona Fides Invest takes complex measures to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of projects and project creators. We review each project submission to verify the identity and intentions of the creator. Additionally, our community of backers plays a role in reporting any suspicious or misleading campaigns.

Can I cancel my pledge after backing a project?

Only during the campaign can the pledge be cancelled. Cancellation is not allowed after the campaign has ended. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, you can contact the project creator to discuss your situation.

How do I receive my rewards as a backer?

Once a project is successfully funded, project creators will communicate with backers to collect necessary information and deliver rewards. Project creators are solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made to backers and delivering the project as described.

Is there a limit to the number of projects I can back?

No, there is no limit to the number of projects you can back. You can support as many projects as you wish, depending on your interests and budget.

How can I stay updated on new projects and campaigns?

To stay informed about new projects and campaigns, you can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media platforms. You will receive regular updates on the latest projects and exciting opportunities to support innovative ideas.

How can I contact Bona Fides Invest for support?

For any questions, concerns, or technical issues, you can reach out to our customer support team through our contact page on the website. We are always here to assist you on your crowdfunding journey.

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us anytime! Our team is eager to assist you in any way possible. Happy crowdfunding!

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