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Bona Fides Invest is EU based fintech which globally helps individuals and organizations to fund their projects through crowdfunding.

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Quality Standards
Quality Standards
10000 +
Clients we work with
10,000 happy clients worldwide and counting.
200 +
Network of global partners
More than 200 partners, 1 winning team.
12 +
Years of experience
More than a decade of investment wisdom.
100 %
Passion for crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is deep in our DNA.
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On average, 20% of crowdfunding campaigns are successful, while our clients achieve this in more than 70% of cases due to our distinctive methodology.

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In order to present the high quality campaigns to investors, we make detail evaluation of each project and team.

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Ognjen Bagatin
Ognjen Bagatin Polyclinic Sinteza
Bona Fides Invest is a great platform through which you can raise money for a business or humanitarian project. The reason for this is the Bona Fides Invest platform itself, but also the team, which supports you throughout this adventure operationally and with advice. After 3 successful campaigns on the platform, we are looking forward to future projects! 😊
Marijana Jergović
Marijana Jergović Association Smile For All
Bona Fides Invest was the perfect choice for our social impact project. Their platform was user-friendly, and the support team was always there to help us with any questions or concerns. Our campaign was a huge success, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. I would highly recommend Bona Fides Invest to anyone looking for a top-quality crowdfunding solution.
Karsten Wenzlaff
Karsten Wenzlaff Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
The International Crowdfunding Center (ICFC) and Center for Social Innovation and Sustainable Development (CEDIOR) is an important stakeholder to improve the access to finance for innovative SMEs in the Southeast and Central Europe, but also beyond. We wish to express our thanks to Crowdfunding Expert Zoran Rajn for the good collaboration!
Samuel Lekato
Samuel Lekato Enduata Emma Foundation
Bona Fides Invest has been a great partner in enabling us to raise funds for our community projects. Their platform is user-friendly and their team provided us with excellent support throughout the crowdfunding process. I would highly recommend Bona Fides Invest to anyone looking for a top-notch crowdfunding solution. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of the Maasai people.
Vladimir Mihajlović
Vladimir Mihajlović Magazine Entrepreneur
I am extremely impressed with the services provided by Bona Fides Invest international crowdfunding platform. I particularly appreciate their focus on supporting entrepreneurs and startups in emerging markets, as well as their dedication to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly projects. Bona Fides Invest truly embodies the values of modern business, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to invest in the future of our world.
Filip Vrhovnik
Filip Vrhovnik Digital Student Incubator
In the implementation and realization of the Digital Student Incubator project, crowdfunding proved to be an excellent tool in fundraising. In this context, the Bona Fides Invest platform proved to be a valuable partner that helped us achieve our goals and finance this socially useful project. We are grateful for their support and would highly recommend this platform to anyone looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign. With Bona Fides Invest, you can trust that your campaign is in good hands.
Where trust meets investment Honesty

BFI - Best friend for investment

Bona Fides is a Latin term that translates to “good faith” or “good belief.” It is used to describe honesty, sincerity, and trustworthiness in business and legal contexts. These are important values that are essential to successful crowdfunding campaigns, as investors need to have confidence in the project and the platform they are investing in. By choosing a name Bona Fides Invest, we emphasize our commitment to honest and ethical fundraising practices, ensuring that all campaigns are trustworthy and credible.

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