Rich experience Tradition

Our History

More than a decade of investment wisdom

  • October 2012 - CEDIOR

    Foundation of the Center for Social Innovation and Sustainable Development (CEDIOR)

  • June 2014 - CROINVEST.EU

    Foundation of the crowdfunding platform

  • November 2014 - AWARD

    Award from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb for the first legal interpretations of crowdfunding

  • June 2015 - Partnership with REGEA

    Partnership with REGEA on the development of the crowdfunding platform

  • January 2016 - Registry of humanitarian aid

    Creation of legal and IT solution through crowdfunding to solve the challenges of the humanitarian aid system

  • December 2018 - Crowdfunding School

    Foundation of the Crowdfunding School with diversified programs


    CrowdStream Quality Certificate for dealing with crowdfunding

  • October 2019 - ICFC

    Foundation of the International Crowdfunding Center (ICFC)

  • January 2020 - ECONOMY OF FRANCESCO

    Involvement in the Economy of Francesco (EoF) under auspices of Pope Francis

  • June 2020 - Innovative project financing program

    In cooperation with the RERA Split we created innovative project financing program praised by European Commision

  • September 2022 - Meeting with Pope Francis

    Meeting with Pope Francis in Assisi, where the Pact for Economy was signed

  • May 1, 2023 - BONA FIDES INVEST

    Foundation of the Bona Fides Invest international crowdfunding platform

The double-win system Pioneering

BFI - Best friend for investment

Bona Fides Invest is located in Croatia, the birthplace of Benedikt Kotruljević, a true financial pioneer who authored the world’s first business manual and introduced double-entry bookkeeping. With Bona Fides Invest we’re keeping the legacy alive and continuing the tradition of innovation and excellence in the financial world.

As Benedikt Kotruljević laid the foundations of modern accounting, Bona Fides Invest is laying the foundations of modern crowdfunding.