Employee Benefits

Taking care of customers means taking care of employees first

Four-day work week

The possibility of working from home two days a week

Flexible working hours

Education and training

Incentives and rewards for innovation and process improvement

Christmas, Easter, holiday pay and 13th salary

Payment of premiums in the 3rd pension pillar

Transportation expenses covered

Annual medical examinations

Support for a newborn and annual gift for a child

Jubilee awards

Bona Fides Invest Card*

*Bona Fides Invest Card for employees allows a discount on the use of BFI’s partner services (banking services and more favorable credit terms, shops, catering facilities, sports activities, travel, laundries, dental and ophthalmological services, car repair shops, vulcanisers, car washes, wellness, cosmetic and hairdressing services)

Open Positions

Contact us whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate

Crowdfunding scouts

Become our crowdfunding scout. Your role will be to connect Bona Fides Invest with companies, associations, public and academic institutions that need money to develop their own projects.

Open request

Send us your CV and a motivational letter that will contain your vision for the development of BFI and crowdfunding in the future.

Student practice

We provide internships to students and pupils of secondary and higher education institutions and help them write their final papers related to crowdfunding.


If you share the enthusiasm for crowdfunding and want to gain valuable work experience to become more competitive in the labor market, send us your CV and motivation letter and join the BFI volunteer program.


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