Varaždin is a city of culture, yet it lacks a cultural center, a cultural hub, a house of culture, or adequate art performance venues where children and youth can have daily dance, music, art, drama workshops, and rehearsals.

Watch the campaign announcement video:

Kerekesh Theater is the most productive traveling teather in Croatia and does not have its own performance space. For every teather performance in Varaždin, we pay rent, so we are guests in our own city.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch this campaign and together with our audience and friends, build a cultural center for all generations, regardless of age, profession, or interest. We aim to provide all kindergartens, schools, and universities in the Varaždin area with one day of free use of the main stage of the cultural center each year, forever.

We pay the City of Varaždin an annual right of construction fee of €5,500.00, and we will pay it for the next 27 years. After that, the cultural center will become the property of the City of Varaždin for the benefit and use of your children, grandchildren, and all those who come to Varaždin.

Kerekesh Theater and the company Keraktiv d.o.o. owned by Jan Kerekeš, have a valid construction permit. With your help, construction of the cultural center would begin in February 2024, with an official opening planned for February 2025.

The goal of this campaign is €5,000,000, and the investors are prepared to secure a bank loan if necessary to cover the construction costs.

“Be with us, we build for you” is not reinventing the wheel. Our ancestors did the same, using the same approach to build the Varaždin National Theater, the Šibenik National Theater, Šibenik Cathedral, and many other buildings worldwide that help us be creative, create, support each other, and become better people.


The cultural center will have 450 seats or 1,200 standing capacity in the main hall, a stage of 80m2, male and female dressing rooms, 120 seats with tables in the small hall, a stage of 16m2, male and female dressing rooms, two dance halls of 80m2, a music studio and space for music rehearsals, a video and photography studio, offices for permanent users, an office for a speech therapist, an office for a psychologist, two guest bedrooms, a meeting room, costume storage, a dining room, storage, a ticket booth, a cafe space at the entrance, a summer stage that can accommodate as many people as the main hall, and a stage of 49m2, a summer bar, and a healthy corner.

With this project, Varaždin will get a multimedia center where hundreds of children and youth will spend their days in world-class conditions. Visitors of all generations will enjoy dance, music, art, and drama programs, performances by renowned artists, quality lectures, as well as various festival and community events which are traditionally held in Varaždin as well as new projects that will enrich the community.

The functionality of the cultural center is highly important, so all equipment is adapted to the digital age. Several interactive billboards will be placed in the center to keep users and the audience informed at all times.

We care about the environment and we think “green.” Therefore, the cultural center will not use natural gas; instead, it will be heated and cooled by a heat pump. We will use solar energy to save on electricity costs and provide two charging stations for electric cars among 22 new public parking spaces next to the summer stage.

Kerekesh Theater has been involved in more humanitarian and donation campaigns than any other theater in Croatia. In 10 years, we have performed more than 50 plays to help children, the sick, and earthquake victims. After the cultural center is built, we will continue to help more than ever by organizing ten charity days every year to assist those in need throughout Croatia and the world.

CHOOSE ONE OF THE DONATION TIERS, and we will be eternally grateful for your generosity. Among other things, we will reward you with tickets to future shows at the cultural center, and your name will be permanently inscribed on the „Thank you wall“ because you built the cultural center.

If you wish to donate a larger amount than the offered donation packages, feel free to contact us at kerekesh.teatar@gmail.com.

Without you, there is no us, and there is no cultural center.


And if You are here just for fun this is what we will do when we reach certain milestones:

100 000€ – Trpimir and Ivek will steal a police car

500 000€ – We will make and give out 500 portions of Goulash

1 000 000€ – We will make a graffiti saying “Čačić mi te volimo” on the location of the future Cultural center

2 000 000€ – Trpimir and Ivek will get their first Tattoos

4 000 000€ – Trpimir will fly the plane whilst Ivek jumps out with a parachute

And you will get video proof of everything!

Meet our team:

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Organisasjon: Kerekesh Theater
Adresse: Vladimira Vidrića 10, 42 000 Varaždin
Representant: Jan Kerekeš, Artistic Director
PIN-KODE: 48304557884
E-post: kerekesh.teatar@gmail.com
Mobil: +385 (0)98 178 6526
Nettsted: https://kerekesh-teatar.hr/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kerekeshteatar/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kerekesh_teatar/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@kerekeshteatar892/videos

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