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The moment of launching the campaign is only the tip of the iceberg. Discover the proven strategies and techniques that can make your campaign a resounding success.


Our Mission Purpose

We help you improve crowdfunding skills and raise more

At Bona Fides Invest, we understand that launching a crowdfunding campaign can be both exciting and challenging. That's why we've designed a comprehensive and dynamic education program to equip you with all the essential knowledge and skills to master the art of crowdfunding.

Зоран Райн

CEO & Founder
Participants Категория

For whom is education intended?

Education is intended for companies, associations, the public, and academic institutions that need additional financial resources for the development of their projects.

Бизнес сектор

Companies, cooperatives, private institutions, crafts, handicrafts, secondary occupations, freelancers, farms, etc.

Civic sector

NGOs, foundations, charities, sport clubs, religious organizations, community groups, trade unions, etc.

Публичен сектор

Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), ministries, state agencies, chambers, embassies, cities, municipalities, etc.

Академичен сектор

Schools, colleges, universities, research institutes, libraries, academic journals, etc.

Финансов сектор

Banks, credit unions, insurance companies, pension funds, investment funds, etc.

Физически лица

Natural persons

Passion for crowfunding

Finance Models Diverse

We cover all types of crowdfunding

At Bona Fides Invest, our comprehensive education covers a wide range of crowdfunding methods.

Donation model

Reward model

Lending model

Equity model

Profit-sharing model

Hybrid models

Modules Curriculum

The curriculum consists of six modules

Empower your crowdfunding success and unlock the secrets of successful campaigns!

Introduction to crowdfunding

Introduction to crowdfunding: basic terms, historical development, statistics and overview of the market situation, available crowdfunding models, advantages and disadvantages of the model, legal regulation of crowdfunding in the HR and EU
Introduction to crowdfunding

Crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding platforms: an overview of domestic and international platforms and their conditions for financing projects
Crowdfunding platforms

Campaign preparation and implementation

Creating and implementing a crowdfunding campaign: business analysis, project presentation on the platform, marketing and campaign management, most common mistakes, tips, and experiences
Campaign preparation and implementation

Good practice examples

Examples of successful reward, lending, equity, and quasi-equity campaigns from Croatia and abroad
Good practice examples

Practical exercise

Practical exercises for turning a project idea into a crowdfunding campaign: elaboration of participants' projects through the crowdfunding canvas business model and presentation of recommendations for financing individual projects
Practical exercise

Additional consultations

Additional consultative teaching for creating a campaign concept
Additional consultations

Duration of the education

Education lasts 8 hours.
Crowdfunding Experts Experience

Meet Our Educators

With a passion for finance and a commitment to empowering others, our educators are a driving force behind successful crowdfunding campaigns on the platform.

Зоран Райн

Главен изпълнителен директор и основател
Zoran Rajn is a social innovator, entrepreneur, and expert in the field of crowdfunding and innovative project financing models with more than 10 years of experience. He is a member of The Economy of Francesco. To read more about Zoran, click тук.

Hrvoje Maras

Главен финансов директор
Hrvoje Maras is a financial expert with more than 15 years of experience. He specialized in developing and managing multinational projects, doing economic and financial assessments, securing EU funds, and using innovative financing methods like crowdfunding and ESCO.
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10 million euros secured for clients
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Rating from our participants

Our Statistics

Investing in crowdfunding education boosts your entrepreneurial and financial knowledge and increases the chances of campaign success.


95 %
More than 95% of learners rate Bona Fides Invest's crowdfunding education as "excellent", emphasizing the high level of satisfaction and value provided by the platform's educational resources.
76 %
Over the past year, Bona Fides Invest's crowdfunding education program has seen a 76% increase in enrollment, indicating a growing interest in crowdfunding as a viable fundraising method.
88 %
Bona Fides Invest's crowdfunding education has facilitated cross-border collaborations, resulting in 88% of campaigns receiving contributions from backers across different countries, fostering global connections and support for innovative projects.
73 %
The average success rate of crowdfunding campaigns launched by participants who completed Bona Fides Invest's education is 73%, surpassing the industry standard for 53% and reflecting the effectiveness of the knowledge gained.
Satisfaction guaranteed
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Five star education

Награда на Юридическия факултет в Загреб

Получихме награда от Юридическия факултет в Загреб за създаването на първите правни тълкувания на груповото финансиране.

Сертификат за качество CrowdStream

Имаме Сертификат за качество от консорциума от организации, обединени около проекта на ЕС CrowdStream, в който е водещ партньор Агенция за европейска интеграция и икономическо развитие (AEI) чийто основател е австрийското министерство на финансите.


Did you know?

From funding potato salad projects to sending a pizza into space, crowdfunding has proven to be an epic adventure in creativity and support!
95 billion
The World Bank predicts that by 2025, crowdfunding will generate annual investments of $95 billion, with some sources putting the figure as high as $300 billion.
400 %
Crowdfunding campaigns with video are 400% more successful than those without. You learn at the training how a video ought to look to attract investments.
20 %
68.2% of people reach the top of Mount Everest, but only 20% make successful crowdfunding campaigns. We boosted that percentage to 73% through our education.
18 %
In 18% of campaigns, not a single cent is raised during the whole campaign period. You won't ever be included in that discouraging statistic if you use our strategies.
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Искам да получа обучение за групово финансиране, без да започвам кампания.
  • 1 човек
  • Физически или онлайн
  • Английски или хърватски език
  • Опитни лектори с дългогодишен опит във финансовата индустрия
  • Сертификат на Международния център за групово финансиране (ICFC)
  • Предоставяме отстъпка за по-големи групи. Свържете се с нас, за да създадете индивидуална оферта
  • Организаторите на обучения за по-големи групи участници получават сертификат за социална отговорност Сертификат за грамотност в областта на краудфъндинга


200 + 7%
Искам да се запозная с груповото финансиране и да започна кампания.
  • За училището за групово финансиране се заплаща предварително фиксирана сума от 200 евро.
  • Получавате обучение за 2 членове на екипа
  • Наблюдаваме напредъка ви
  • Кампанията трябва да стартира в рамките на една година.
  • В края на кампанията се изплаща променлива сума в размер на 7%
  • Освен таксата 7% няма други такси.
  • Не е необходим посредник, за да ви изплатим средствата.
  • Ако започнете нова кампания в бъдеще, фиксираната такса не се начислява.

Succesfull campaign starts with our education.

The moment of launching the campaign is only the tip of the iceberg.

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